Master Key System

New Albany Lock & Key LLC DBA Central Ohio Locksmith has provided Master Keying system for your Commercial or Residential properties.

What is a Master Key?

  • A master key is a key that gives you access to more than one door or lock within your organization. Typically, master keys are given only to high-level stakeholders at a specific location. For example, a Facility Manager may have a master key that can open all doors at their location while employees have sub-master keys that only open a single door or limited doors depending on their need for access. 

    Master keys are designed to simplify the key needs of someone with high-level access within an organization. Without one key that can open many doors, facility managers have to carry all the keys needed to open every door. This is inefficient and can easily become a security breach if a key ring is lost. With a master key, a facility manager can carry a single key and retain access across an entire location.

    For companies with many locations and employees managing each location separately, like grocery or big box retail and vendor keys for restaurant chains, using master keys is necessary to avoid having dozens if not hundreds of keys per location to keep track of. 


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